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Welcome to SOS Kent, our campaign for smarter solutions to Operation Stack than spending £250 million on the proposed 150 acre lorry park at Stanford which, alarmingly, as of mid July 2016 we have now heard that this may be as large as 250 acres.

With no discussion whatsoever with local communities, it was announced that the UK’s largest lorry park is to be built at Stanford, Kent at a cost of £250 million. This concrete monster will destroy 250 acres of countryside and blight the lives of local communities. We have offered the smarter options and we are being heard.

Lorry park ghost

Eurotunnel says a giant lorry park won’t fix stack.
The Port of Dover says a giant lorry park won’t fix stack.
Existing lorry park operators say it won’t work.
The British International Freight Association says it won’t work.

For more information on exactly why it won’t work, please see here.

And the Government’s own Transport Select Committee has also said that ‘the case for spending £250 million on a lorry park has not yet been made’ and that ‘way more needs to be done to demonstrate that a lorry park the size of Disneyland is better than the alternatives offered during the inquiry’. The TSC has received just a bland response from the Transport Secretary to their objections.

We have had no support whatsoever from those we have elected to represent us. We have been sold out by Shepway District Council, by Kent County Council and by our own MP Damian Collins. They seem quite content to destroy The Garden of England and risk killing nearby residents with deadly diesel emissions and 2.5 particulates that the world’s largest lorry park could produce – if it were ever to be used…
Since the unprecedented events last summer, STACK HAS NOT BEEN IN FORCE ONCE.

Earlier in July the devastating announcement was made that the proposed ‘west’ site is to proceed to a ‘formal’ consultation. We have legal experts working for us and hope to mount a judicial challenge, so the fight is not over yet. Residents adjoining the proposed site are being seen on an individual basis.

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Below you will see four of the maps that have been published, but until recently there has been no confirmation from Highways England (who supplied the ultra-vague version with fading pink blobs and several errors) or anyone else, exactly what area is being proposed. The whole exercise has been clouded in secrecy for no good reason. Those residents who have met HE and their PR team (mid July) were shown a map, but not allowed to keep it. Finally, the truth was revealed in August, with the development even closer to homes than previously hinted and completely surrounding some houses.

dotted map shepway map HE map DCollins map 22dec16