Harm to Kent

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Local residents and businesses are horrified at the potential harm which may be done, such as:

Traffic congestion

It will not fix Operation Stack, it will only bring MORE lorries into our area, affecting the local residents and businesses. This has a knock-on effect for the whole of Kent and further afield.


The proposed lorry park to take 3500 – 4000 HGVs will devour 150 acres of countryside and farmland in the ancient village of Stanford, adjoining Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, along with all the existing flora and fauna we enjoy in the Garden Of England.

Air quality

The increased emissions and particulates produced by so many lorries concentrated into one area could kill vulnerable people living nearby.

Particulate 2.5 which are produced by diesel engines are so small that the human lung cannot filter them and thus they go straight into the blood stream. These particulates are directly linked to cancers, heart disease and lung disease, which all medical bodies accept cause premature death to thousands of people each year in the UK. There is no safe limit to these particulates entering the human body.

Sound pollution

The rumbling of Highways England’s expected 540 HGVs per hour will be heard for miles around and refrigerated units run through the night too.

Light pollution

The proposed full lorry park capacity will be lit up like a small town at night. No more starry skies to admire.


even though most lorry drivers are careful, we already know what sort of disgusting litter is left by a few unscrupulous truckers, including bottles of urine and bags of worse. Our environment could be littered even more with the increase in lorry traffic and time spent parked.


We have been given no assurance about how the potential increase in crime will be handled, since we do not even have enough police officers in Kent now.

Emergency services

No one has been able to explain to those concerned about an emergency on the proposed lorry park, where there would be an increased risk of fire, for example. This would be an added burden to the emergency services, which are already overloaded. It appears no one has thought about emergency access if the sliproad is blocked (presumably through the village?!) and no thought to what emergency response times would be.


Some worry that a single large site holding multi-nationals could be a target for terrorism.


Of the two sites proposed, one is on a flood plain. 150 acres of tarmac will cause an immense run-off of polluted water which will need treating before it can be returned to the environment. The proposed pumping station associated with this is not reassuring.

Quality of life

Residents are understandably worried about the quality of life which they have worked so hard for will be destroyed, without so much as the courtesy of being consulted.