Kent Downs AONB response to HE

Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty have lodged a forthright objection to the proposed lorry parks at Stanford.  They are saying what pretty much everybody else is saying (except for Highways England and certain Tory politicians).

Read the whole thing here.

One Comment

  • Thank you for your report, I couldn’t agree with you more, HE and Damian Collins are trying to rush this through “at pace” no consideration as to the impact of their actions, we are small villages surrounding their proposed site and the demographics are such that some of the population already have health problems, also children have lungs that could not cope with the amount of diesel fumes spewing out from 4000 lorries, the light pollution, sound pollution, the concreting over of 150acres of beautiful Agricultural land would be a travesty!
    We are not NIMBYS we know there is a need for lorry parks, however we do not feel one huge park will solve any problems, Infact should there be a accident near the site the site would be useless as the M20 would have to be shut, where would the lorries go then?
    Please support the amazing plan put forward by the Village PCs a cleaver solution to an age old problem, no need for a knee jerk reaction , no need to do something that will be a white elephant to be regretted a couple of years if not sooner down the line.

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