Matthew flattens Monk on radio interview

BBC Radio Kent breakfast show this morning (Fri 29 Jan) hosted a lively debate between Matthew Webb, Chairman of Stanford Parish Council and David Monk, leader of Shepway District Council.

Having been unfairly cut short on a previous radio interview with Damian Collins, Matthew was determined to get a fair hearing for the ‘smarter options’ this time.

Whilst Monk struggled to spit out his words, Matthew eloquently put him in his place and put across the SOS Kent messages for a proper strategy to address the causes of Stack, multiple smaller lorry parks and the use of smart technology.

You can listen here.

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  • Ron Kennedy says:

    I accept that the rational why Stanford/Stop 24 is Highways England;s natural choice for locating a single lorry park servicing the requirements particularly of Eurotunnel . Eurotunnel already sees traffic trailing back onto the M20 without any major incidences occurring in the tunnel. I believe that two lorry parks are required now for both facilities at and Eurotunnel. This is an ideal opportunity to take advantage of the development of the western docks to build resilience into the system to accommodate future growth in freight traffic particularly that entering Dover.

    Have any of the departments conducted any computer aided traffic flow analysis with present proposal ?

    My concern is the proposed single traffic park will create a bottleneck at Sandford as freight traffic exits the park to rejoin the motorways system and travels the short distance to Eurotunnel It would make sense therefore to get the traffic destined for Dover passed this point where it is needed at the port. It would then be the responsibility of the Dover Harbour Port constabulary and not the Kent Police

    A solitary lorry site at Dover would not solve issues for Eurotunnel ,however it would ease the need for such a huge lorry park at Stanford which sadly given time a will require expansion inevitably as with the Dartford tunnel,M25 etc .

    According to DHB figures freight traffic into Dover has increased by nearly half a million a year since 2012 hence my argument for extra resilience at Dover in addition to Stanford / Sopt 24.

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