Responses to the Second Consultation

The second public consultation exercise closed on Friday 23 September.  But then it didn’t – at the last minute the deadline was extended to the 26th with no announcement.  Perhaps the same IT gremlins that beset the launch of the consultation, delaying it by a day, came back on the last day.  Certainly, the m20lorryarea email inbox gave up sending automatic replies on Friday afternoon so many will be wondering if their submissions have actually been received.

Someone reported the on-line questionnaire wasn’t working on Monday.  And now the website says the consultation closed on 25th!  So what they will do with submissions made on Monday is anybody’s guess.

We will share here any responses people have published.

KCC Proposed Response This is not final – we have asked for the final version to be made public.
KCC’s response As submitted.
SDC Response As put to cabinet 14/9/16
SDC Cabinet minutes
Tracy Irvine’s response Questions 2 and 6.
Bob Morris’ response
Graham Horner’s response
Martin Whybrow and Keith Taylor (Green Party) respond.
Debbie Burton’s response Says it all, in 2 pages.
Stanford Parish Council’s response
CPRE Kent’s response

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