Transport Focus position on Stack and Lorry Parks

Transport Focus is a group representing road users of all kinds.  They are doing a lot of research into what road users, especially lorry drivers, think about Op Stack and lorry parks.  We have uploaded three of their documents here.  The third one is an excellent summary of what’s good and what’s bad with what the various organisations were putting on-line last summer.  Mostly bad so lots more could be done on that front, as we know.  Oddly, there is no mention of the general need for “overnight” parking.

In July 2015 they were saying “Providing large scale temporary flexible parking solutions for large numbers of lorries
seem unlikely [sic] for a host of reasons.” but they haven’t elaborated on those reasons.

TF response to Highways England Kent lorry park consultation – January 2016 This is similar to their TSC submission, but with a bit more flesh on the bones, and refers to the following two documents published in 2015.

Operation Stack correspondence – July 2015

Online information for road users during Operation Stack – August 2015 FINAL

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